In order to perform surgery, it is first necessary to place the animal under anesthesia. We use the most advanced monitoring equipment in veterinary medicine. The parameters we continuously monitor are:

  • Percent of oxygen in the blood
  • Amount of carbon dioxide being exhaled and inhaled
  • Respiratory rate
  • Pulse rate
  • A continuous EKG
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature

The most common surgeries performed in veterinary medicine are spays and neuters. Our well-trained team works hard to make you and your pet feel as comfortable as possible.

We routinely perform many advanced surgical procedures that are commonly referred to veterinary specialists. Due to the rural nature of our business, it is necessary for use to rise above and beyond to ensure our patients receive the medical care they need.

Examples of surgical procedures we perform.
Surgical dehorning is a specialty surgery that allows you to achieve that perfect polled look that you want. This procedure requires artistic skills to get a natural look for your animal.

When there is no other option and your animal needs help removing its young, cesarean sections are often times the best option. Dr. Wilkinson has the skills and facilities to handle all levels of C-sections.

When it happens, a prolapse usually occurs after having baby. To preserve the breeding capability and the life of the dam, it is important to recognize and repair prolapses. Using tried and true techniques, Dr. Wilkinson has been able to perform countless prolapse repairs with impressive results.

Laceration repair is a very common procedure that requires a creative mind to be able to restore damage to the original form or at least as close to it as possible.
Penile translocation is used to make gomer bulls that are used for heat detection in cattle. This procedure is very useful to allow you to keep your prized bull away from the cows when it is not necessary and out of harm’s way.

Enucleation (Eye removal) is used when there is irreparable damage to the eye caused by infection or trauma. We make every attempt to save the eye but sometimes this is the only option.

Orthopedic surgery
One of the things we pride our self in is being able to provide individualized treatment to each of our patients. If you have a problem that requires special attention, contact us and we will give you all of the attention your problem requires.