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Over 35 Years of Experience

Over the years, our veterinarians have honed our skills as he has followed our passion for breeding and raising racehorses for over 35 years.

To have a successful breeding program, you need to make sure that your animals are healthy and fertile, and you need to know early in the season so you can make changes sooner.

One of the worst feelings is knowing that none of your cows are going to be pregnant that season because your bull was infertile. Please never buy or use a bull in your program that has not had a breeding soundness exam and a Trich test to confirm fertility.

You also need to know the heat cycles of your cows and be able to detect pregnancy quickly. With palpation and ultrasound, our veterinarians can detect pregnancy as soon as 30 days in cows and 14 days in horses. You won’t have to wait 2 or 3 months to know if your program is on track to make a profit this year.


From Conception to Birth

We are experts in large and small animal reproduction.

Most of our reproductive testing and diagnostics are done in-house:

  • Stand studs
  • Confirm Pregnancy
  • Collect studs
  • Artificially inseminate (including surgical)
  • Assist with natural breeding
  • Heat synchronize females
  • Improve Fertility
  • Breeding Soundness Exams (BSE)
  • Early pregnancy detection
  • Progesterone Testing (Quantitative)
  • Vaginal Cytology
  • C-Sections


Small Animal Reproduction

We perform in-house progesterone testing to help determine breeding/AI times and c-section times. This is the gold standard and most accurate way to determine when a dog needs to be inseminated.

Scheduled C-sections are a safe option for many dogs that might struggle to have puppies on their own.

Surgical artificial insemination is becoming more and more common amongst elite breeders to improve their chances of successful breeding.


Large Animal Reproduction

Our practice owns full-service equine stables located 1/2 mile from our Premont veterinary clinic. We feel it is important for breeding animals to be in a good quality, low stress, and reasonably priced environment in order to facilitate conception.

All of the animals are monitored daily. Our team has been able to achieve impressive conception rates with his ability to diagnose problems and confirm pregnancy earlier.

Trich Testing

All breeding bulls sold in Texas must be tested for Trich. All of our vets are certified by the USDA to perform this testing.

Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, and Deer

Many people are able to work with one of the common domestic animal species but our vets have experience with most of them. Many times, it is economically beneficial to allow animals such as cattle to breed on their own.

The need for a veterinarian comes in when you have multiple cows that will not stay bred, to see if a bull is fertile, or if you need to artificially inseminate. Some also want to plan when their cows come into heat to be able to prepare for days when they have the most help.

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