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Veterinary Dentistry

Our comprehensive dental care services encompass routine exams, professional cleanings, and advanced treatments tailored to address any dental issues your pet may face.

With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced veterinarians, we provide thorough dental exams to detect and treat conditions such as tartar buildup, gingivitis, and tooth decay.


Small Animal Dentistry

We possess a full-service ultrasonic dental cleaning machine to perform dental cleanings on all small animals. Performing regular dental cleanings decreases the instances of dental disease and infections which helps prevent the teeth from falling out.

We would love to chat with you about your pet’s oral health in order to prevent the formation or progression of terrible dental disease.

Occasionally, advanced dental surgery is needed to remove teeth or oral masses. We routinely perform complicated surgical tooth extractions to treat and cure advanced dental diseases.


Digital Dental X-Ray Machine

When we need to examine bad teeth or perform extractions, we can take dental X-rays to help diagnose disease and ensure adequate treatment.

Have any questions regarding potentially getting your pet a digital dental X-ray? We have answers!


Large Animal Dentistry

Horses have teeth that are specialized for eating grasses and other roughage. Unlike human teeth, these specialized teeth grow non-stop. Considering that, in nature, horses eat most of their roughage off the ground. Small rocks and other hard materials like a piece of metal can get in their mouth and chip a tooth.

Since their ability to survive is directly dependent on their ability to eat, horses have evolved so if some small traumatic even happens to their teeth their teeth will continue to grow and fix the problem. For many horses, it is necessary to file down sharp edges that develop due to the teeth rubbing unevenly.

For years, the only way to file down the sharp edges was to use a large file to manually grind down the teeth.In order to reduce stress on the animal and improve efficiency, Dr. Wilkinson has chosen to use a power-float.

Using very small diamonds, the power-float sculpts the teeth and reduces the instances of nicks on the animals cheek, tongue, and gums.

By reducing the trauma to the animal and eliminating the need for physical force to aggressively grind the animal’s teeth we are able to reduce the amount of stress the animals is put through.

With dental issues, sometimes the only answer is to perform oral surgery or tooth extraction. Dr. Wilkinson is capable of all levels of tooth extractions and performing oral surgery.

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