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Wilkinson Core Values

Here at Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic, we live and breath by our core values. Everyone’s role is valuable, so we prioritize clear, respectful communication, understanding and focus on our goals.

Committed to delivering consistent quality, we strive for continual improvement and hold ourselves accountable, always expecting the best from ourselves for our clients and patients.


Faith and Family

God is the reason for our success. We run our business based on principles of the gospel and believe in being ethical, honest, moral, virtuous, charitable, kind, empathetic, respectful, and loving. We believe families, mothers, fathers, and children are special and important. We consider each other family and have each other’s back.


Respectful Communication

We believe, while the roles that we fill may be different, our value is equal and as such everyone deserves respect. We understand the value of clear communication and actively make an effort to understand what is communicated. We give people the benefit of the doubt. The focus of interoffice communication should be purpose-oriented of our goals rather than detail-oriented of our failures.



We believe consistent quality over quantity is our “secret sauce.” To provide the highest quality medicine, we believe in constantly learning and improving ourselves. We do not settle. We expect the best of ourselves, offer the best to our clients, and give the best to our patients.


Responsibility and Accountability

We believe “it is my job.” While delegation, collaboration, and cooperation are important at the end of the day “it is my job.” We hold each other accountable, but most importantly we hold ourselves accountable

Having core values does not mean we don’t make mistakes, it means that we hold ourselves accountable and allow others to hold us accountable.

From Cats to Cattle:
Our Team Handles it All with Care

Discover our services at Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic, where we cater to the diverse needs of our clients’ pets and animals. We offer everything from routine wellness care to advanced treatments like stem cell therapy, laser therapy, and more.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of veterinarians, technicians, and support staff are committed to providing compassionate care for all creatures, from horses to pocket pets.

Meet Our Team

"Recommend 100%... amazing people."

The staff are always friendly and willing to go the extra mile...

Steven V.

We are always treated with a warm welcome, positive energy and a feeling of peace when entering and leaving Wilkinson’s.

Brian M.

Dr Sam and the staff are amazing . They genuinely care about each animal as if it is their own.

Lori B.

My experience at WVC throughout the years has been absolutely positive. My family and I have known the Wilkinson’s for awhile now and we are ecstatic that they’ve opened up in Alice.

Chidubem C.

Dr. Sam is a great vet! His tech, Kassy was extremely friendly and answered many of our questions to ensure us the our dogs would be well taken care of.

Marissa S.

My pet was in great hands with Dr. Sam and Kassy.

Kelsey L.

Extremely helpful staff! Came in for an emergency and was seen promptly and professionally with the utmost care...

Annabelle G.

Very welcoming, wonderful staff and veterinarians.

Benjamin A.

I’ve visited quite a few vet clinics in Texas for my pug and this is honestly the best clinic I’ve been at.

Christopher T.

Our History


Dr. Glen Wilkinson decided to be a veterinarian while working with his father.



Dr. Wilkinson opened Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic Premont and practiced out of his garage. He used his truck and minimal supplies. Debbie Wilkinson performed much of the book work while Dr. Wilkinson practiced.



The doors of the building Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic currently uses opened for the first time off of U.S. Highway 281. The clinic also hired its first few employees to expand operations.

One of the first veterinarians to have digital medical records in Texas.



First ultrasound machine. WVC team at approximately 10 team members.



First Digital x-ray machine



Dr. Samuel Wilkinson joins the practice and continues the family legacy



Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic Alice is open for business. WVC team at approximately 30 team members.

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