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Animals Get Allergies Too!

Itchy. Restless. Red skin. Smelly. Uncomfortable. Scabs. Shaking head. Chewing at paws. Scratching.

If you recognize any of the signs above your pet most likely has skin and/or environmental allergies. Allergies are an overactive and inappropriate response to normal things that your pet comes in contact with. In the end, allergies decrease your pet’s quality of life by tearing up their skin and making them feel miserable.

In fact, more than 70% of dogs with skin allergies will also have ear infections that reoccur with treatment that is not focused on treating the allergies.

It is so easy to get lost when you have a dog with allergies because they can present with a lot of other issues that seem to be important when in reality, they are just distractions that take your attention away from the root problem, which is allergies.


Addressing Your Animal’s Allergies 

There are two ways to address allergies in your animals:

1) You can lower the immune system,


2) You can improve the immune system.

Using our techniques, we use a unique combination of strategies to improve the clinical signs and address the real problem… the immune system. If you strengthen the immune system, you address the real problem.

One of the key ways we strengthen the immune system is by doing allergy testing and immunotherapy.


Allergy Testing

There is a solution to your pet’s allergies. Our team uses allergy testing to investigate the exact causes of the allergies. Is it a tree or a grass? What type of tree? What weed? What food? Chicken? Fleas?

We then use this information to create customized allergy injections that reprogram your pet’s immune system and decrease their sensitivity to what they are allergic to.

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