In-house Pharmacy

A new trend among medical doctors and some veterinarians is to prescribe medications via online pharmacies. A lot of times this is out of fear of the overhead expense and out of convenience for themselves rather than you. Rather than thinking about how we can make our life easier, we choose to provide you with immediate access to the prescription that your pet needs with our in-house pharmacy. We keep hundreds of the most common prescriptions on hand for your convenience.

The problems with prescribing medications online are:

  • Your animal has to wait for treatment while the medication is shipped to you. This is precious time lost that you animal could have used on the road to recovery.
  • You do not get personalized service. You get generic service and your questions are answered by a recording rather than a person. Our veterinarian knows you and your animal personally and provides personalized recommendations.
  • You do not have a veterinarian who can show you personally how to administer the medicine to your pet.
  • Sometimes animals are unwilling to take certain medications. If that is the case then you have to go through the whole process a second time, but we can make real-time adjustments as necessary.

We are available at all times during the day and even after hours in case of emergency and choose to provide you with the best service. You do not have to experience any of these problems because we have eliminated using online pharmacies as middle men. By eliminating the middle man, we are able to get your pet the medication it needs at a lower cost because we will match any online pharmacy price. We want to provide you with the most value for your money and time. We have access to all of the latest prescription medications on the market and even keep some rare medications on hand that most pharmacies would not have in stock. We will prescribe medications, administer them, and get your animal on its way to recovery immediately.