The Best Clinic Around Our Area, They have very caring and understanding staff.

Very wonderful clinic! I recommend them to every pet owner! Fast and very friendly service! Thank you so much!

The doctors and staff are extremely attentive to our animals. Dr.Wilkinson went as far as to give me his personal phone number so that I can keep in touch with him and his staff during my baby Zoey’ s weekend stay in the hospital unit. I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful treatment she got.

Staff overall are great people always willing to help you and able to answer questions when needed keep up the good work guys.

This clinic is amazing! I refer every pet owner I know here and I have taken all my pets here for the past 10 years. I moved to Fort Worth for a year and would drive home to make visits and bring my dog for all her needs. I trust them with all my pets and know they will find any and every way to help me when any of my pets have any issues. The entire staff is nice and sincere and always treat me and my pets like family. Thank you Wilkinson Clinic staff and Doc for everything you have done for my pets you are all amazing!

I am visiting my parents (I’m from Houston ,TX area). Brought my 2 Yorkies with me . One of them seemed to hurt his leg… I called the Vet and they seen him same day.. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable .. The Dr has a passion for the animals and took care of my Yorkies .. I asked a ton of questions about “what if” snakes bite, scorpions, ticks etc. Coming from the city and transitioning to the country . These questions were important to me for the care of my Yorkies.. I will be bringing back my babies

I have always taken my animals to Wilkinson. There awesome people and take care of our animals like it were there own. I can text the Dr and he will respond quick with whatever question I have. I highly recommend this place!!!

Wilkinson is the only place we trust to take our pets to, as I highly recommend him to anybody that hasn’t already been here before!!! He’ll take real good care of your animals and he’s very affordable as well.., again Thank You Dr.Wilkinson For Taking Care of Our Pets, Always!!!!

Dr. Wilkinson is a wonderful person. Thank you so very much for saving my cat Mittens and 3 of her babies , they are doing great.. God bless you always.